After spending 10 hours going through a fraction of my blog checking that my edits are not incorrectly marked as sensitive, I think I can say with confidence that Tumblr could not organise a piss up in a brewery.

And on that note I’m off to bed before I seriously lose my shit.

I so understand this. Some are really marked incorrectly, but that nothing against the one that should have been marked…

Well it’s seems that Hiddles presenting nipples is explicit too!

My picture is pixelised!

Yes I know, I am currently cleaning my blog to delete the flagged posts. Unfortunately I was able to import my blog on WordPress, because of queue lines and several mistakes.

Now I have to go through 25′000 blogs and deleted what’s needed. I already contacted the staff to go back as alright.

So stay tune…

Top 10 Tom’s voice porn (I ask, and immediately regret)




@ceciliasyndrome JFC what a thing to ask… We’re all going to die (but what a way to go)!

WARNING – too much Tom voice porn to handle!

1) Tom’s Shere Khan and Kaa The Jungle Book impersonations:

2) This lethal compilation of Tom moaning etc in ‘The Leopard’ (thank you, @fuckyestomhiddlestonsvoice ):

3) Tom making math sexy:

5) Tom’s ‘Kingdom of Earth’ with American accent:

6) Tom reading E.E. Cummings’ ‘May I Feel’:

7) Audio and visual porn rolled into one, and one of the worst best worst things ever – Letters Live Tom:

8) Tom as a master of accents (also THE WORST/BEST):

9) The lethal combination of ancient Egypt and Tom’s voice:

10) This deadly snippet from ‘The Red Necklace’:

And basically every time he speaks a foreign language or sings.

God, I realized with horror I could come up with at least another 10 choices… but I’m already in my grave, so we’ll keep it at this.

Tagging some lovely ladies to suffer with me

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WHAT ARE YOU DOING 😲😲😲 @devikafernando

I regret it severely… 😉 But hey, I place all the blame on the person who sent me the ask. *logs off to die in peace* @zhora-salome